Client Testimonials

Mr. Jason T. Riddick and his team have assisted me in various real estate litigation, business, and related matters, such as a matter involving lender liability. Mr. Riddick is highly qualified, honest, always on point, and effective. These are rare qualities in the current legal and business environments where “lip-service” and “bill-padding” have become the “new norm” in many other law firms. I highly recommend Riddick Law to anyone who expects great, honest, and ethical representation.

Marilyn — Malibu, California

Jason Riddick of Riddick Law APC did a fantastic job representing our international ecommerce and technology company in a recent litigation matter in California. Jason is responsive, sophisticated, strategic, and ethical, and his hourly rates are reasonable. Jason devised a winning legal strategy for our company, and then quickly interviewed key employees to gather the evidence he needed. In no time, the lawsuit against us was dismissed, and we avoided potentially years of costly litigation. Without any reservation, I highly recommend Jason to any company or individual seeking legal help.

M.K. — Warsaw, Poland

If you are looking for an outstanding attorney who will truly do what it takes to win, give Jason a call. He represented me in a very intricate and stressful business lawsuit, and got me results beyond my highest expectations. His professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail give him an edge that separates him from the rest.

T.S. — Los Angeles, California

My client was in need of a Los Angeles based litigator, and I was exceptionally pleased to find Jason. During my initial contact with him, he immediately grasped the problem and provided valuable substantive and strategic input which gave me confidence in recommending him to the client. Once on board, Jason immediately embarked on due diligence on the facts and the law, which enabled him to negotiate a rapid settlement with the opposing litigant. He is careful, conscientious, proactive, and efficient with his time and resources. I particularly appreciated his collaborative and respectful style.

M.A. — San Carlos, California

Now that the case is settling, I just wanted to send you this note, between you and me, that you’re one of the most professional opposing litigators I’ve ever dealt with. You effectively represented your client in a way that embodies the standards of professional responsibility we all should strive to meet. I offer you my best and warmest wishes to you going forward.

Anonymous Opposing Counsel

I’ve worked with Jason on a number of different matters over the years and am pleased to say that we’ve always been successful. Jason’s attention to detail and dedication to my issues has proven invaluable. What I appreciate most about working with Jason is his honesty- I know I can count on him to give me his honest opinion on my legal matters, he is not just a “yes” guy who is trying to run up the bill. His guidance and strong negotiation skills have helped me achieve excellent results in both my business contracts & litigation. I can’t recommend him strongly enough, he is an irreplaceable resource to have in your corner!

C.R. — Los Angeles, California

I’m a registered representative in the financial services industry. I have run client money for decades and have a trademarked proprietary approach. My reputation is everything to me. Recently, I was terminated without warning by my broker dealer. I was never really a good fit in their organization and they knew it. So when they saw an angle to seize upon a minor transaction I facilitated to say that I had “sold away” in violation of FINRA Rule 3040, they took it. The situation was a lot less severe than they were making it out to be, and I was worried about losing my client base / millions of investment dollars because of how they would describe the termination on their FINRA disclosure forms. Jason represented me and really hit the ground running. He got on a conference call with the general counsel (a real jerk by the way) and opened up a dialog about how my termination should be characterized on public filings. Ever digging into the facts, Jason very politely and delicately threatened to file an arbitration claim for defamation if they did not acknowledge in their U-5 filing that I didn’t make any money off of the transaction, my broker would not have participated in it even if they had known about it, and that no client funds were used. Jason drafted the language and after a lot of back and forth, they agreed to it. He also got them to agree to some other helpful things that I would never have thought of. Then, Jason helped me develop a narrative to explain the situation very simply and accurately to my clients and new broker dealer. Jason basically “defanged” the entire situation which could have been a disaster for my career. He is a consummate professional and I would hire him or his firm again in a heartbeat.

J.B. — Los Angeles, California

I was referred to Jason Riddick by another attorney and I was not disappointed! I needed an attorney in Southern California to help me obtain a refund from a large company that was not budging. Jason immediately said he could help me and I was put at ease quickly. Being a single mother of 4, I was grateful for his reasonable fees and his personal involvement. He was very responsive and guided me through this process. He negotiated the refund and the situation was settled very quickly. Jason was attentive, sharp and efficient with my case and I highly recommend him.

L.T. — San Francisco, CA

Mr. Riddick has represented me twice and done an excellent job each time.

First, I was named in a lawsuit by a former client alleging that my business and several others failed to complete a project and stole intellectual property. It was bogus and just an excuse to avoid paying for services rendered. Two of the defendants settled quickly, but Mr. Riddick took the opposite approach and immediately cross-claimed for my unpaid invoice and began litigating aggressively, all the while understanding that I wanted to resolve the case as quickly as possible. He took the time to thoroughly investigate the issues, answer all of my questions, and prepared a detailed mediation brief. At the mediation, we were so much better prepared than the other side. By the end of the day, the other side agreed to dismiss their lawsuit, pay my invoice in full, and pay virtually all of my attorneys’ fees. He blew away my expectations.

The second time that Mr. Riddick represented me, I was having trouble getting a former employer to pay out the correct number of restricted shares I was entitled to under my employment contract. They were only willing to pay out a fraction of the shares, and demanded a liability release in which I acknowledged I had been “terminated for cause,” which was debatable at best. Mr. Riddick sent a demand for immediately payment of the undisputed shares without any preconditions as a requirement under the labor code. Then, when a larger public company sought to acquire my former employer, Mr. Riddick saw the opportunity this represented, and immediately began making pointed demands to the acquirers’ due diligence team and corporate counsel. Everyone wanted the dispute over my shares to “go away” so that the deal could close without contingencies. Mr. Riddick was able to drive a great settlement in which I got far more shares than I expected.

B.P. — Santa Barbara, California